TITAN 5540


The TITAN 5540 robot is able to finish car carpets and doormats with complex shapes in a fully automated way.

  • No programming of the shape is necessary
  • Real time edge detection and accurate sewing
  • Last stitch fixed with ultrasonic welding
  • Easy to use
  • High productivity with high speed machine
  • Carpets are loaded on EUR pallet and finished carpets too
  • Double stack of carpet possible on pallet
  • Printing and fixing of label (optional)
  • 4 automatic machines can be supervised by only 1 operator
  • Both 2- and 3-thread finishing available
Zidis Vandewiele TITAN ROBOT Foto 112 32
  • Stitch width: 10 mm

  • Carpet thickness: 12 mm

  • Speed: 3200 rpm

Carpet dimensions

  • The TITAN 5540S can sew carpet sizes up to 60 x 90 cm.
  • The TITAN 5540SM, which combines a small table with medium bins, is used for carpet sizes up to 60 x 100 cm. The medium bins allow for double stacking of carpets.
  • The TITAN 5540M can be used for bigger sizes up to 100 x 150 cm. It allows for double stacking of carpets and finishing of larger mats.TITAN 5540M ROBOT

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Zidis Vandewiele TITAN ROBOT Foto 112 32