End to End sewing of end of one roll of material to beginning of the next roll , for use in continuous process such as shearing or dyeing, in dry or wet conditions. Maximum thickness of 2 layers of material is 12 mm thick and max stitch width is 30 mm. The machine can be build on a rail structure (see picture below) . This is build to order in 3, 4 , 5 meter. Special chromated parts are available to sew WET materials .
Options are Puller, Special cutting knifes.

For thicker materials (up to 20mm compressed) :
Check our new improved version: TITAN 4510CHE

4510 CHE 4
  • Stitch width: 25-30 mm

  • Material thickness: 12 mm

  • Speed: 1500 rpm

Machine butseamer on rail 1

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4510 CHE 4