This type of industrial sewing machine is used for narrow overedging of handlook carpets or velvet praying mats, with ultra small stitch width of 4 mm.

All types of thin threads can be used on this machine, with a density of 10 to 20 stitches/cm. A special device is used to push away the pile before sewing to obtain a nearly invisible stitch. For higher productivity check our model: TITAN 4500CHX for high speed, ultra small 4 mm overedging . All models are available in lefthand version to integrate in automatic lines.

Advised options (always included in this model) :

  • CP : pneumatic pressure foot (needs compressed air 4-6 bar)
  • RPE : External stitch adjustment device
  • DCD : special cutting knifes to take away excess pile before sewing
  • Puller : to pull the large carpets through the machine
  • SET 30566 : tape insertion device to keep the pile down
  • NCV : needle cooler (optional)
  • MEM : electronic motor (optional but strongly advised)
Sample TITAN DK 2500 HLXC 1
  • Stitch width: 4 mm

  • Carpet thickness: 12 mm

  • Speed: 2800 rpm


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Sample TITAN DK 2500 HLXC 1