TITAN 2300


TITAN 2300 finishing machine is developed for one-thread decorative overedging of carpets or blankets.

Advised options:

  • RPE: stitch density adjuster (always included)
  • CP: The pneumatic footlift is strongly advised. It needs the use of compressed air up to 4 bar.
  • DF: thread unwinder mechanism from IRO , gives a smooth and perfect stitch and avoids thread breakage
  • FYF: power supply , always sold together with DF, gives the power
  • MEM: electronic motor for sewing machine , essential for easy work
Sample TITAN DK 23003
  • Stitch width: 12 mm

  • Material thickness: 12 mm

  • Speed: 1000 rpm

Take a look at our Vandewiele Titan 2300

Sample TITAN DK 23003
TITAN 2200

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Sample TITAN DK 23003