TITAN 2200


The TITAN 2200 fringing machine is sewing a beautiful cut fringe starting from a single (or multiple) threads on the edge of carpets, blankets and shawls. Standard length of fringe is 6-10 cm.

All our TITAN machines exists in Righthand and Lefthand version. This allows them to be build-in in automatic lines to finish carpets on both sides simultaneously. This reduces costs and doubles the production.

Sample Titan DK 2200
  • Length fringe: 6-10 cm

  • Carpet thickness: 10 mm

  • Speed: 800 rpm

Sample Titan DK 2200 SHAWLS
Sample Titan DK 2200 1

Discover also

Titan 2200C

The TITAN 2200C fringing machine is built to produce complete decorative fringes with one thread on carpets, shawls and houselinen.

Discover Titan 2200C

Sample Titan DK 2200 C

Titan 2200NC

This model is developed to sew cut or uncut loop fringes with one thread on carpets.

Discover Titan 2200NC

Sample Titan DK 2200 NC

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Sample Titan DK 2200