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The Titan 2500, 4500 and 4510 models have a several optional attachments to improve quality and productivity of the machines.

TITAN 25 AHC complete

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CP 2500 pneumatic foot lift and tension releaser

Pneumatic foot lift & tension releaser, allowing for quicker and easier handling of carpets. There is also an adjustable version, CP 2500 DAC, which has the same function as the CP 2500 but also allows to adjust the pressure of the feeddog. This way the machine can be adjusted to different carpet thicknesses in a fast and simple way. Remark : All models 4500 and 4510 are always equipped with this CP-DAC.

TITAN 25 AHCMEM Teflon SET 30566

RPE 2500 external stitch density adjuster

The external stitch density adjuster allows to change easily the density of stitches while sewing. This permits the operator to obtain the best covering effect in a short time.

The external stitch density adjuster is strongly advised when using different qualities of thread and carpet.


NCV 2500 needle cooling device

Needle cooling device, strongly advised when using very heavy carpets or hard backings. This item avoids thread breaking and needle breaking.

STD Puller NCV

DCD 2500 cutter or UKM 2500 upper and lower knife movement

  • DCD : is mounted just in front of the needle and is used to cut off the excess threads on the edge of the carpet this greatly improves the quality of the sewing. Remark : different submodels exists in function of the final model. Check our commercial team for the right model.
  • UKM upper and lower knife movement which allows to cut extra heavy or thick carpets. In this option the upper knife is also moving and together they work as a scissors and they can cut through very heavy materials. Mostly used for techtextile applications.
4510 CHE 6

SET 30566 tape guide

The SET 30566 tape guide feeds the tape under the overedging to hold down the pile. This option is strongly advised when overedging high pile carpet or car carpets with grooves.


2600 CV/2600 DAC/2600S DAC puller system

There are 4 puller versions available:

  • 2600CV: extremely strong pneumatic puller system which is fully synchronised with the internal parts of the Titan 2500 overedging machine. Strongly advised for handling large carpets;
  • 2600DAC: this version has the same functions as the 2600CV, but also allows for pneumatic adjustment of the pressure on the puller for improved results on different carpet qualities;
  • 2600SDAC: extra long puller, designed for high pile carpets such as shaggy , always used on high speed machines (type 45)
  • 2610DAC : this is an extra long belt puller, which is pulling from the needle position on. This is very usefull for thick materials such as matrasses or on buttseamer when sewing two layers of carpet or artificial grass.
Puller 2600c
4510 CHE 9
2500 3 mattrass

FH & FK oil filtering systems

A) Complete oil filter type FH consisting of the following elements:

  • Bottom cover plate of the sewing machine Titan 2500 /45xx with two openings
  • Oil filter
  • Oil pump

B) Complete Oil filter FK has the same elements + COOLING element

This is always used in combination of the TITAN 4500 HIGH SPEED models.

TITAN 25 AHC complete

TA 2500 Teflon coated upper table

Teflon coated upper table for easier handling of large carpets by the operator. The TA 2500 is only for machines without puller system, the TAP 2500 was designed for machines with puller system.

We have also TAM : this is movable upper table , to easily thread the machine or clean it after sewing.

Check our commercial team for the appropriate option for your machine.

PBN 2500 yarn bobbin stand

Yarn bobbin stand, also existing in double bobbin stand.


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TITAN 25 AHC complete